FaceboOk… Addictive????

August 21 2012
10:58 am

wAsting Lives aNd Causing Drama since 2004..

wHen i was in HighschoOL i OnLy Use 
tHe computer whenever i have  HomeworK or needs to dO a research on sOmething
or Just to pLay Games watch video and chat with My Mom Overseas..
TheN  out of The BLue FaceBook was Born 
And it Spread Like wiLdfire aLL Over the worLd..

if Facebook was not invented do you tHink Life is sO duLL???

Life mUst not tHat tOo exiting And wOuLd be sO BoriNg and Dead
tHere aRe so maNy SociaL NetwOrking sites out tHere 
that Keeps yOur  eYes Fingers aNd mind Busy
But Theres FACEBOOK  that sTand Out Among aLL of them..
its so PopuLar tHat i MyseLf got aDdicted To it..
If MArk ZuckerBerg wasnt That Genius tO invent facebook then 
Maybe we might be spending weekends witH the dvd’s rather with The Computer…

i was Once so obssesed to FacebOok that i didnt Pass a SingLe day 
witHout opening my AccOunt i even have 2 Facebook account..
One that is Kept private and One that is open to the pubLic..
i Spend hours with my LaptOp just Browsing The site..
im Logged in to Facebook befOre i go to wOrk
wHen i came Home from work
before i sLeep… as sOon as i woke up..
when im eAting.. taking a bath.. 
im Logged oN to facebook 24 Hours tHrough The Computer to MobiLe..

FacebOok Keeps me uPdated with aLL the tHings That is Happening to tHe worLd
it Gives Me everytHing…to OnLine stOre’s
FroM cuRrent Events to tHe Latest Gossips..
iM now aware On wHats Happening with My friends and fAmiLies..
it keeps me coNnected to my friends faMilLes and aLso From my EneMies..
its aLso gOod meAns of cOmmunication  and to Meet other peopLe aRound tHe worLd
aNd it aLso heps me find aNd coNnect with the peopLe whOm ive been searching and 
Have Lost cOmmunication with..
BeLeive me.. tHrough FaceboOk i was abLe tO find Long Lost cLassmates
from pre schooL to grade schooL… frOm high schOoL to coLLege Life.. 
it Keeps me re united with my oLd friends and Batch Mates…

aNd tHrough FacebOOk yOu Can easiLy sHare inforMation 
aNd Let the peopLe around you
practicaLLy  Know everytHing with just One Change iN your status Update
tHrOgh self expression..
wHen your Having a Bad Day… 
when yOure Happy… if yOu want to sLap or punch sOme one in tHe Face reaL HArd
when you have a new Stufff… New MobiLe phOnes.. Cars.. House.. New hairdo…
New tattOo.. New Gadgets.. new CLothes.. New Kicks.. 
u CaN Let the whoLe worLd kNow if your BrOken up with sOmeone..
got Married got eNgaged or whatever..
i can play Games Chat aNd waTch videos with simpLe clicks 
Facebook is aLL in One Package!

FaceBoOk Is everything..
uNfortUnateLy i reaLized tHose tImes i wAsted Just For facebOOk 
is ReaLLy worThLess!,,,
YeaH it GAve Me aLL.. 
UnfortunateLy facebook is not Just as Good as it LooKs Like…
One Can ruin you with Just spreading Lies aBout you and since youre connected
with commOn friends or by a strAnger 
you wiLL be quickLy Judged witHout even Them Knowing the truth..
i was Fighting Over the internet with some bitch tHat keeps on Hatin’ me..
she was taLking shit whiLe i pLayed sMart…
i never Looked at her profiLe Nor her Post.. 
my friends just toLd me what was she taLking and Bragging because i didnt Care Less…
sHe was Dumb enough to say tHings But i was that sMart and pLayed it coOL..
as Of Now shes stiLL hatin on me but as for Me im ignoring Her..
NonetheLess shes Not tHat important to waste my tiMe..
tHis One of the tHings That facebook Created tOo 
it Keeps You connected with yoUr enemies…
yeah you blocked tHem in Your Friends List but stiLL
they Manage to aCces you aCcOunt through your coMmon friends
LOL! its such a waste…

anotHer tHing is tHrough FacebOok you Can Create a personaLity 
tHat yOu want you can be a bitch or Just a SimpLe person or
you Can let people beLeive in the personaLity That yOu want theM to beLeive…
its aLso a Means to Brag sOmeting that u Have or achieved..


-> got a New i PhOne…  got a new… got a new…
-> was at starbucks..  was in churva… was in kung san san pa..
   ***your cLose friends reaction- oh gurL thats great … cHurVa churva eklavu
       tHen hit Like on yOur post...

sO tHe purPose of posting yOu got A new i Phone? 
BasicaLLy to BRAG or make some peOpLe jealous!
cOrrect me if im wRong!
im Not a Hypocrite.. ive Done tHis
aNd HonestLy sPeaking my Main PurPose was to BRAG and 
Let everyone kNow i Have wHat it Takes…
But That was Before…
now i LearNed My LessOn.. i rather keep things to my seLf rather tHan 
let everything out in the oPen.. a LittLe priVacy keeps me at Peace!

yOur Friends hit the LIKE button Just tO Let yOu kNow they like it
But do They reaLLy mean it..
dOesnt it Occured tO yOu That They Just cLicked The Like buttOn Just Because
yOu Have Like their Post as weLL
its seems that yOur just returning each others faVors…

But Guys Dont Get Me wrOng..
i Maybe bragged at one tiMe but im foe ReaL..
when i Hit the “LIKE” buttOn i reaLLy mean it
i May be a bitch but when it comes to REAL friends i am True as they are…
i would bet my Life on it!
i dont generalize peopLe here some peopLe click the Like button
because they reaLLy aPpreciate it and they truly love it..
its just your discretion aNd judgement wHo reaLLy are Fake and trUe to yOu..

and if you tHink it stOps there weLL guess what theres more…
i Am Livin the Life On FacebOok when suddenLy aLmost aLL of my 
reLatives started Using FacebOOk!!!
in That Case i was Pretty Much obLiged to accept Them as Friends 
i ReMember my ReLatives  MOM and Dad jOins FacebOOk and im Like
but of Course i Cant Say That hahaha they wiLL kiLL Me 
aNd iNstead saying that i sUgar cOated it with
hahah aKo na taLAga!!! 

my cLan Joined FacebOok…
the aNnoyig Part in Here was Knowing tHat my Mom or Other reLatives
are ConstantLy “FACEBOOK STALKING” me and Listening to them ask
every siNgLe piece of inforMatioN i Post tO my Page
and aNsweriNg qUestiOns about the pictUres i was Tagged in…
So Now thrOugh FacebOok my FamiLy members are able to snoOp arOund
aNd kNow wHat is Happening in Mah Life at aLL times
now thats annoying..gOod thing my mom aNd dAd is so Busy at aLL tiMes that
they rAreLy Log in to Their aCcount and thats a reLeif for me… hehehe

aNoTher tHing that Keeps me iRritated with FaceBook is That i am BoMbarded
with Friend request and sPam frOm Many UnkNown peopLe… 
HAha in deMand ang LoLa mo!
oNe tHing i am Certain is That 100 percent i Know the peopLe in my friends List..
i Just dOnt add someone wHich i never even met or talked to….
another disadvantage is tHat iM often witness UnneceSsary Dramatization of
unimPortant OccUrances in my Friends Lives..
now teLL me How am i going to react on thOse Cases? 

what i learned is That FacebOok is not a Diary
you dOnt Have to put aLL yOur life into it…
Now i onLy use facebOok when im Bored..
FacebOok Can be pretty addictive 
aNd wastes a ton of time  Like any Other website..
But it dOesnt mean i Hate FacebOOk…
its jus that there are some things that cant Be avoided its just depends 
on How wiLL u Manage your acCount..
stiLL connect with me through facebook its not suCh a Bad idea after aLL
it depends on the USER itseLf..

—->>>>NUff Said im Out sLeeping tIme stiLL got to wOrk later… peace out FACEBOOK! hehe


JUNE 29 02:58am

A LeAder whO is Using tHeir pOsition fOr sOmetHing otHer than deveLopment of empLoyees is nOt at aLL PROFESSIONAL!

tHere Are bOsses wHo Enjoy mAking Crude aNd Rude cOmments at the Office…
CoMments Are prOfane or jUst dOnt fit tHe wOrking moLd hAppen mOre often than you wouLd think…
WhiLe this dOesnt aLways hUrt tHe Leader, you have tO know wHo can tAke yOur hUmor and who cannot!
it can be a hUge Mess fOr the cOmpany if sOMeone tAkes an iNappropriate cOmment the WRONG WAY…

Bosses whO are nOt pRofessionaL aRe nOt good for the cOmpany.
They advocAte a cuLture wHere nOthing gets dOne aNd advAnceMent is bAsed On who cAn do the mOst fOr the bOss.
Turning empLoyees intO Servants is nOt whAt being a bOss is aLL abOut.

I work in this kind of EnvirOnment
The mAnager pOsition aNd TeaM Leaders are tHe one pLace wHere yOu wouLd expect yOur bOss tO be prOfessionaL..
bUt tHere are pLenty of bOsses wHo simpLy use tHeir POWER as a means tO anOther end thAt has Nothing to do with LEADERSHIP. ..
These bOsses tEnd not tO do weLL..
and tHe peopLe they Are in chArge Of teNd to nOt Like the BOSS after awhiLe….

My Bosses DevaLues the wOrk of professionaL Recruiters aNd pits Team members agaiNst each otHer..
fRom my Point of view
if yOu Are in A pOsition wHere yOu are a TEAM LEADER or mAnager or whatever is yOur Position..
yOu shouLd KNOW hOw to taLk to peopLe withOut yeLLing or mAking them feeL stUpid….
why dont they Just aPproach us in a Very HUmane MAnner
rather tHAn sHouting and yeLLing in front of other Agents..
And you caLL yOurseLf as a “TEAM LEADER”???
are yOu fuckin’ Kidding me???
I Lost aLL the RESPECT fOr this Organization….
Too bad too,
Because even thOugh the PAY wasn’t tHe gReatest..
theRe are SELECTED AND A VERY FEW coworkers tHat were aLL great and i Love to Hang out with..

JUST A PIECE OF ADVICE fOr tHe MAnagement and TeaM LEaders…
yOu sHouLd Try try aCting a bit More RESPECTFULL
to tHe eMpLoyees RatHer That PREJUDGING US
as nOt wAnting to wOrk.
Most peopLe if treAted with RESPECT AND DIGNITY are wiLLing to work 100% for an empLoyer…

Revisioning my vaLues

June 24 2012
1:49 pm

saw tHis picture on FacebOok…
sUddenLy i was speechLess for a Moment…

i reaLized..
wHen i Have a Bad day…
tHroUgh aLL the tiMes i Messed Up..
tHose tiMes whEn im Dissapointed
the tHings That i dOnt get..
when things are nOt gOing the way i want it to be..
i mostLy tOok the bLame on Him..

iM not a perfect Christian..
i dOnt go to church every Sunday….
i prefer sLoUching on a couch with My Laptop on
ratHer tHan siTTing on a beNch on Church..
i am a Sinner.. and i AmDit it..
ive Doubted HIM a miLLion times….
and Looking BAck i Came tO realize he Has given Me More
tHan wHAt i Deserve..
i Have a close to perfecion Life..

i Have pLenty in teRms of 
i get everyting that i want with jUst a snap of my Fingers..
i have a Loving and Perfect FamiLy…
i have Friends that i can depend On..
i can Buy wHatever i Want…
i Have a stabLe reLatiOnship with my Dee
and i have aLL the tiMe in the wOrLd..

But sOmehOw i was Not cOntented 
iM asKing fOr More..
Not tHingking that as i was asking for More
there are so may Less fortunate peopLe out there that 
Need him More tHAn i Do..

When i was Joining Our Community service with the
street chiLdren i Came to reaLize
i Am so blessed aNd Lucky Not to have the kind of
LifestyLe tHat They HAve..
i doNt Have tO sUffer and sTruggLe aLL through Out My Life…
when iM fiGhting with My Parents aNd acting seLfish and cHiLdLike 
those sTreet ciLdren dont even have parents tO guide and nurture Them
to cOnsoLe and prOvide them Love..
whiLe i Was compLaining on The fOOd that tastes Bad in front of me
tHose street chiLdren have empty stomach’s
and Have no fOod on Their pLates..

i tHink its time for me to stop compLaining and be contented with what i have..
i Need to refLect contemplate and revision my VaLues..

Life cAn onLy be UnderstOod bAckwards..

but it mUst be Lived fOrward

Each new dAy is a new beginning
tO Learn mOre about OurseLves
to cAre More about Others,
to Laugh mOre thAn we did
To accompLish more thAn we thOught we couLd
and be more than we were BEFORE

And i Learned My LessOn..
Cherish things whiLe you stiLL have theM
before they’re gone..
and you realize hOw precious they reaLLy are.
Everything in Life is temporary
So if tHings are gOing good..
Might as weLL enjOy it becaUse it wOnt Last fOrever…
And if thiNgs are gOing bad
don’t wOrry because it won’t Last forever eitheR
A jOurney of a tHousaNd miLes
begins with a singLe step
Never cRoss a bRidge
withOut knowing hOw to swiM the tides.

Of course i Cant cHange in aN iNstant…
i cant be to a siNner to a sAint..
it takes tIme..
but fOr now i guess the Bottom Line is



And Then it Hit Me…..

JUNE 1 2012

TiMe chAnges everytHing..

One minute you Have it then at a second its gone…
wHat we have are aLL memories..

i miss my cUz..
she was never Just a cOusin to me..
shes my guardian AngeL
My great great gRandma’..
she was my Best friend..
My eNemy..
my tutor..
My concience..
my Mom at tiMes.. hehhe coz shes acting like that a Lot..
but Most of aLL…


We were so cLose before..
sending eAch Other Letters tHe oLd skuL way…
As in OLD scHooL..
whenever her Mom visits here in baguio i send Letters for her..
aNd she does The sAme tHing..
no electronic emaiLs..
nO text messages..
No chat..
no skype..
Duh??? wHat do you expect we were just a kid when 
we started commUnicting..
i was like 12 years oLd and sHe was 10..
Besides sociaL netwOrking Sites were not that raMpant before
CoMpared tO now tHat even if your Not yet born 
you already have a FACEBOOK aCcount..

i Miss everytHing that we used to do…
i Thaught Her everytHing..
from right to wrong…
i was ahead of her for i tHink 2 Years 
but she was far way Mature than me…
sHes aLways tHe one to sAve my Ass
whenever i got myself iNto trOubLe!
Haha Good thing for me…

As for me
i wAs Leading her to The Bad side…
weLL what can i DO??
both of our Lives were sOoo MESSED UP way BAck then..
Leaving Her No cHoice but to go with tHe fLow….
i was supposed to be Guiding her but it tUrned out otherwise..

i was the one to bLame on Her very First sip of aLcohoL..

First puff of a ciGarette..
DragGed her Ass out with partying and buLLshits..
Late night outs to wasted Endings..
and worst i was responsibLe For her first Taste of drugs..
i saw Her CHOKE.. and see her do her Laughing trip..
hahaha… SeriOusLy sHe looks NUTS!!!

since she Moved out of the phiLippines
everytHing Changes…
we dOnt communicate That Often..
she seLdom texts and caLLs me…
and who sHaLL i bLame for tHat????
of cOurse her BOYFRIEND!!!

you AsshoLe!!!..
you tOOk her away fRom me…
dont you DARE show your face with me 
coz iLL rip you into Pieces!!!!

yOu were always there for me when i needed you…
Now where the heLL are you???
i ReaLLy reaLLy reaLLy miss yOu…
Its been over a year..
we Were sO cLose But Now it seems like we bareLy kNow eAch other…
i want The oLd times back…

i want this Back…



 i Know you Miss tHis tOo
those tiMes we Spend Together..
aLL tHose BuLLshits tHat Made us sTrOnger..
Funny tHings.. stUpid things That we Did..
its Now a tHing in tHe past….
so Move bitcH! 
i Know you miss me tOo..
i cried when you left..
sO Much DRaMa but its tRue…
i Know we Have Our sepaRate Lives nOw..
but stiLL the sAme your stiLL a Part of me..
your My sister right?

iLL see yOu sOOn..
2 Years cOntract is aLmost Over..
i reaLLy dOnt kNow wHats there aheAd of us..
wHo knows..
but either wAy… Nothings gOnna cHange..

oh by The Way i wAs browsing yor pictures on facebOok
aNd i Cant heLp my seLf frOm LaugHing
how come frOm this twEetUms image

tHis iNnocent Looks…..

to Becoming a sLut……..



just kidding…. 
Luv tHose picTures…

and regarding What i have Said aBout yOur a-hOle Boyfriend???
i was Just kidding…i wOnt dO that..
i Have a haLo above my Head..
you know im just trippin’

as long as tHat a-hoLe Love you my mouth’s sHut..
heheh.. happy for yah..

Love yah.. aNd iLL c u reaL sOon…
peace Out…

WORK SUCKS (Part two)

ApriL 11 2012
12:56 am

The cOmpany strikes Again…

from my Opinion this tHing tHat they have on cOmpensating Lost hOurs is going OverbOrd..
ive been cOmpensating for
Three weeks in a row
11 HoUrs For the Last twO weeks and now 
they want us to diaL for 12 Hours to cOmpensate the hOurs That we’ve Lost yesterday 
dUe to the fucking Internet cOnnection probLems…
tO heLL with that!!!
its Not Our fauLt.. 

sO wHy dO we have to Suffer The Consequenses???
what the heLL are they thiNking???
aNong paLagay nyo samin ROBOT??
kayo kaya Mag diaL ng MaLaman nyo..
tHis is tOo Much aLready..
ive Been EmotiOnaLLy aNd PhysicaLLy ExHausted…
im BURNOUT!…..

i Have reAched the pOint in My cAreer where 
reGardLess of how i LiKe or hate my Job that i dOnt feeL Like Doing it AnymOre…
if i CouLd chOose Between being Sick eNough to stAy hOme  

(and not just lying about being sick)
 i wOuLd cHoose to be sick…
it wiLL be far less Aversive than Facing Our Boss.. 

my Team Leader my cO-wOrkers aNd My DESK…

sOme  of us Work Hard aNd dOnt receive tHe gRatitUde we feeL we DESERVE from the Company..
some go to Work everyday..
HARD and dOnt feeL they are REWARDED PROPERLY..
Raises are’nt fOrcoming aNd prOmotiOns arent either..
peopLe wHo seem to WOrk Less but Have More poLiticaL cLout seem to do Better…
sOunds fRusTrating tO me..

Many peOple out There QUIT due to Stupid Company PoLicies aNd pOor Compensation 
aNd also Due Bosses 
speciaLLy stUpid DUmb ass BosSes that PrOvide Toxic LeadersHip..
tHey are’nt MutuaLLy excLusive and this tHings are the reAsOns to qUit…

no offense.. taMaan ang Tamaan…

oh weLL…
for me i tHink There is No nEEd to fiGht tHe bOss

Nor The LeadersHip Nor Defy their CoMpany ruLes
becaUse it wiLL be UseLess…
Business isnt DeMocRacy aNd peopLe do not change easiLy..

 the wiser way is to seek Greener Pasture…

On tHeir death bed, nO one ever sAid, ‘I wiSh i hAd speNt mOre tiMe in tHe office.'” 


iM Out……….


Dont Regret… Dont fOrget… jUst LEARN…

February 27 2011
11:55 am

tHings cOuLd have been diffeRent.. 


i FeLL in Love…
Visit bOth heaven and heLL fOr tHe pRice of ONE…

Maybe it was hOw cynicaL i was
or hOw i fOund oUt a Long tiMe ago nOthing gOod stays
bUt i knEw frOm the first day 
that Our ReLationship started it wOuLd nOt end with a cLean cut….
it wOuLd be Messy and painfuL and untimeLy…
This i knew…..

i tRied as hArd as i couLd…
i tOok as mUch as i couLd take….
i pUt up with aLL i cOuLd and it stiLL wAsn’t enough….

went frOm reLatiOnship tO ReLatiOnsHip
LoOking for sOme sense of identity or pUrpose..
some feeLing that my life had finaLLy kicked in… 
i knEw i had taLent…bUt i Didn’t knOw at whAt… 
i knew i hAd inteLLigence bUt i was tOo frAntic to appLy it tO my own Circumstances.. 
i sAnk deeper & deeper intO my own NeurOtic patteRns
seeking reLief in food drUgs peOpLe 
or whAtever eLse i couLd find to distract me frOm myseLf…

i tAke chances…
i take aLot of tHem
beCaus HonestLy nO maTter where i end uP aNd with wHom
it aLways ends Up tHe way it sHouLd be..
My Mistakes Make me wHo i Am..
i Learn and gRow with eAch choice i MAke..
everything is wOrth it..
say how i feEL..
aLways be Me and be OK with it..

iM aLways torn between wAnting to teLL my Story tO everyOne
aNd Let thEm kNow eXactLy what is in my Head
or Keeping it tO my seLf..
tHe prObLem is Being oUtwaRdLy UnHappy 
and cOnsistentLy so Pushes peopLe away..
No matter if tHey say tHey’re always there to Listen..
tHere is onLy sO Much my bestfriends cAn Listen to
on tHe otHer haNd..
tO pretend that everything is fine is to pOison myseLf frOm the iNside Out
it is tO igNore wHo am i aNd Lose myseLf…

sO which is Better?????
to Have friends that think your MeLodramatic seeking aTtention
and pessimistic.. oR to Drown in my Own Mind????

This tiMe… LaSt yEar… everytHing is so Different…

January 12 2012

This tiMe… LaSt yEar…
everytHing is so Different…

Somethigs wrong… sOmeone changed…
Him??? Me???
tHis is not hOw it supposed to be…
im not prepared for this..
sO mUch dRama already..
getting tired of aLL this SHIT!
i dOnt want to think anymore..
i wont have to care either..
so Much for tHis…
i wiSh he cOuLd cut out aLL the buLLshit and teLL me wHat
the heLL is wRong…

Does it Break my Heart? of course!
every mOment… eVeryday..
i Never thought of my self as quiet.. Much Less siLent..
i never thought about thiNgs at aLL
yOu assume that iM fine…
bUt yOu dOnt knOw how to read between tHe Lines…
there are wOrse things tHan being under tHe weatHer
id Much Rather Catch a cOLd tHan this feeLings
tHis shit Hurts and takes a Lot Longer to go away….

i miss the OLD US..
the way he cared.. how he Made my day…
i Miss everytHing tHat we used tO be..
what hAppNed????
this sUcks…
i want the oLd times BAck!!!…

Date a GirL wHo writes in other wOrds reasons why i am THE ONE!

8:46 AM

Date a girL whO wRites…
a girL wHo can spin the entire Universe with a few seLect wOrds…
date a girL whO knows wHat to say and whO knows wHat to write…
she wiLL aLways teLL you the sweetest things bec she knows what tickLes the heart of a Man

Date a girL wHo writes ‘cOz she wiLL be abLe to recaLL in detaiL the diaLog between you twO..

nd whiLe it gets you in trouble..
it’s endearing and Sweet at the same time that sHe Remembers
This aLso forces yOu to choOse yOur wOrds carefuLLy and U wiLL become an expert in diction

Date a girL whO writes because sOmetimes a Little siLence is weLcome. ..

Date a girL who writes because
the post-it on your Refrigerator reminding you to buy miLk wiLL be originaL 
and fuLL of adorabLe metaphors…  
And because sHe is so creative…
expect to fiNd that post-it in a shoe Or something quirky just Like that.

in the fairy taLe that is your Life together…
she wiLL aLways make you Prince charming and happiLy ever after is a Guarantee =)
HoLd her Hand.. hUg her cLose to your chest..
sHe Loves those kiNds of cOntacts
because she wiLL aLways remember those Love stories she had written abOut
and she wiLL begin to reaLize she was Meant to experience the same fairy taLe story
she so Longed fOr…

Date a girL whO writes becaUse she understands the vaLue of word choice..
and wiLL mean everything she says to you!

the storyLine wiLL never have tO end…
She wiLL write all the sequels that keep your Love breathin
and just sO that you remember aLL the things you Love about her..
she’LL mAke sure to incLude prequeLs and aLL those in between

Date a girL whO writes because
she can tAke CRITICISMS and turn it into WIT..
and SADNESS into LAUGHTER with her words…

Message her with sweet Quotes…
she Loves reading tHem as much as she Loves writing them

Date a girL who writes because fOr hEr
SEX is Like a dirty, RaUnchy Romantic noveL you don’t dare Read in pubLic
kiss her in tHe forehead because a girL who writes wiLL aLways prefer  tHat to a tOrrid kiss..

teLL her yOu Love her in the most memorabLe way you can..
say the wOrds  “i Love you” in tHe sOftest way u can.

Date a girL who writes because
she wiLL spend her Life coming up with a thousand different ways
to teLL you how incredibLe you are as she is not fond of Repetition..
But the words she wiLLwear out is “I love you,”
because even she knOws there is nO better substitute for theM in the history of writing

Date a girl who writes because you will be her muse.. her inspiration  
Without you  she wiLL have writer’s bLock
Or write the greatest tragedy since Cleopatra and Mark Antony
Either way… YOU are the man she wiLL always write…

date a girL who wites because SHE IS WORTH IT!
she wiLL aLways know what to say because she had written about them
she will know what to say when you toLd her you Love her
and she wiLL know what to say when you propose to her

And finaLLy…
you must dAte a girL who writes because…
it is she who wiLL allow you to Live forever…  
She will make sure that you never grow oLd nor die nor disappear through her writing
she is the One who ensures your immortaLity, your permanent mark upon this worLd!

And since you aLready have me… do u stiLL think of Letting me go?
now that you’ve fOund the RIGHT ONE???
HAHA… tHink again…

Strength is NothiNg more tHan how weLL yOu Hide tHe pain

DECEMBER 05 2011

sabi niLa
give them the taste of their own medicine
for them to ReaLize wHat it feeLs Like.. 
for me its not that effective..
i appLied it Many times bUt stiLL
it keeps on bouncing back to me…
i want tO hate you haLf as Much as i hate myseLf

sOmetimes i dO wonder..
yeaah i Know iM not that perfect..
i dOnt go to church..
i dont pray to him that mUch..
sOmetimes i dont beLieve he even exist..
bUt that dOesnt mean i dOnt Have Faith..
ist Just that….
with aLL the tHings thats been happening
i tHink he is Just tOo Unfair….
everytings been faLLing aPart..

everythings Messed Up…
iM gOing to QUIT sOOn..

i dont Understand..
i gave hiM everything
Loved Him UnconditionaLLy
Understanding him every step of the way
gave him aLL what he wants
i wanted to give up..
but i cant imagine my life without him..

i dont Know whOm to trust anymore..
they just cOme and go…

is a constant struggLe..
i reached the wROng eNds
by the wRong means
it Was the wrOng pLan
in the wRong Hands
The wRong theory for tHe wRong Man
the wRong eyes for The wrong Prize
the wrong qUestiOns with the wRong RepLies…

Im not beiNg hard on my seLf..
tHings wOuLd be sO much easier if i cOuLd Just switch Off
wHat i feeL for yOu..
i Want to be abLe to say ” i dOnt Like yOu tHat way”
and actuaLly mean it…
i want us both to be able to do Our own tHing
aNd for it Not to Bother me..
to Not be bothered wHere yOu are..
who yOure with
what yOur tHinking…
i want to be abLe to Let go aNd feeL Like im not Missing a Part of me..
but most of aLL i want you to JUST want what i want..
its the way i see it..

teLL me HOW can i Let go of aLL the things 
that sHouLdnt even Matter????
baecause it reaLly sHakes aNd Fucks me up inside and
makes me think aLL these LOUSY THOUGHTS…

yOu were NEVER suPposed to Mean this Much to me..
i was Never supposed to FALL so HARD..
I DID and thats the truth..
thats what Keeps me hOLding on because
it Beats the sHit out of me to say but

im so confused….